Flat roofs used to have something of a bad reputation. However, as construction and architecture have developed, so too has the ability to use flat roofing solutions within bold and exciting designs.

Here are just a few reasons why a flat roof is now considered the way forward.

They don’t leak

Earlier designs of flat roofs had a reputation for leaking. However, this was mainly due to ventilation gaps not being incorporated and because they were being made from three-layers of felt.

In more recent times, new and more durable materials, such as EPDM rubber and GRP fibreglass prevent leaking and in addition to reducing the risk of damp and rot in your home, this also provides a warmer deck insulation.

There is a slight slope

Many fear the pooling of rain water on a flat roof. However, it’s important to emphasise that flat roofs are actually not entirely flat. They do have a slight slope, typically of around 1.5 degrees, although any degree less than 15 degrees, technically constitutes a flat roof.

Whilst designing your home, we ensure that the slightly angled roof allows for rain water to drain away from the home, therefore reducing the risk of potential water damage.

We also ensure that there is enough of a pitch, to prevent any potential water-flow issues. It is important to note, that no matter the design, it is still imperative that you ensure your gutters are always clear and that pipes are checked regularly to ensure that there are no blockages or damage.

Change up the look

The word “flat” can often have a negative connotation. However, there are always ways to jazz up the design and put your own distinct stamp on it, such as adding a deep overhang or by using a parapet to hide the edge of the roof.

It is also possible to incorporate glass into the design, allowing for more natural light. High level windows can also combine well with an overhanging roof, while impressive lighting systems can be placed inside the flat roof space.

They’re easier to construct and more affordable

One of the biggest benefits when it comes to installing a flat roof is the fact that compared to a lot of other construction work, it is relatively affordable. This is because they are quicker to install, they use fewer materials and generally the labour costs are lower.

You can do more with a flat roof

The design options with a flat roof are endless. Solar panels can be added to a pitched roof, but that is pretty much it, there doesn’t tend to be a lot of room for additional applications, whereas a flat roof allows for balconies, terraces and even roof gardens. Another trend is to use flat roofs as green ‘sedum’ roofs, which brings great ecological value, as it preserves natural habitats and even grow wild flowers.

With recent events meaning more people spending more time at home, it becomes even more crucial to get the most out of the space you have and flat roofs allow for this.

They are cheaper to maintain

Over the lifespan of a roof, flat roofs actually have fewer repairs and less damage costs compared to pitched roofs. Repairs can be done quicker, due to the easier accessibility of flat roofs and maintenance work, such as clearing gutters are less onerous than working on a pitched roof.

In short, there are so many potential benefits. Whether you are looking to add a flat roof to an extension or considering roofing solutions for a new build, flat roof should be considered.

For a relatively small investment compared to other construction work, this could majorly boost your living space and add a little extra style to your home.

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