Just like in fashion, new trends of architecture come in throughout the years, whether it’s the return of a classic style, a new look or a twist on an established favourite. Here are a few examples of upcoming trends that are set to mark the architectural style of 2021.

Industrial style is the way forward

The industrial style is an aesthetic that echoes factories and other forms of industry, taking that look and putting into a living space. This is typically seen when it comes to loft conversions though it can also refer to the types of materials used in the design, such as steel-based tables or incorporating original brick work into the visual approach.

People are attracted to this kind of aesthetic, because it adds a more intricate attention to detail, creating a more unique approach to how an interior space looks and helping it to stand out.

Smart homes & home automation

Another recent trend is part of what people have called “the internet of things”. One aspect of this, is home automation and smart homes. Smart homes refer to devices and fixtures in your home that can be controlled via your phone or computer. For example, you could set your heating to switch on just before you arrive home from work or set your shutters to open in the morning.

Home automation refers to how these devices are used. In this instance, it is the idea that there would be less need for you to interact and the devices would work pretty much automatically. This has a range of potential applications. For example you could adjust your lighting depending on whether you are eating dinner, watching a film or working in your lounge.

Open and multiple spaces

There has been a move toward open and multiple spaces. People no longer feel the need to have designated, compartmental spaces in their home that serve a single purpose. Now, people are wanting a large open space that uses floor levels or interior design to cove areas that offer different functions.

This ‘broken plan’ living offers clever use of space. It ultimately forms zones through partitions and furniture. It makes the area more workable and importantly, it offers flexibility for change. Other aspects such as kitchen islands can clarify different areas, ideal if you are working from home and want to differentiate between work and relaxed spaces.

The kitchen is the heart of the home

For the longest time, the lounge or sitting room was considered the main social area of a home. Increasingly, the kitchen is starting to take on that role, with more emphasis on making the room more of a living space.

There are benefits to this. People who cook for themselves tend to be healthier, plus cooking can be a great social activity with the family. Recently, kitchens have also helped to improve the resale value of properties, so investing in this area could potentially have big returns later on.

Equally, small changes can make a big difference to the look and feel of a kitchen. Taking down walls between larders, utility rooms and kitchens can drastically improve the space. Refitting your kitchen within a new space, can change the look of your home. 

White, always go with white

A trend for 2021 is the use of all-white throughout a home’s design.  A lot of people are drawn to this as it allows for consistency across all the rooms in a house. While some have debated whether this trend will continue, it does seem to be particularly popular for the year and definitely an option for someone who wants a defining look for their home.

It’s a great ‘blank canvas’ colour to use if you ever wish to change your décor and it’s important to note that there is a vast number of white shades; from neutral beiges to whites with underlying yellow or grey tones. White makes your home timeless and by changing furniture and soft furnishings you will transform your home with minimal budget.

More light and less noise

More light in a room makes it feel more comfortable, while reducing the amount of noise can make a space feel calmer and more relaxing. There are a number of ways that you can achieve this. For example using larger windows or glazed doors can create a point for sound to bounce off, especially in an open plan room.

Thicker curtains as opposed to blinds can also effectively muffle sound as there is a larger amount of fabric or having a cladded ceiling. Rugs on the floor can also have a similar effect, with the added bonus of creating a more intimate style.

Mirrors can help direct natural light, allowing traditionally darker areas such as hallways or staircases to feel lighter. There is also the added bonus of making rooms feel larger. Metallic surfaces incorporated into your design can also increase the amount of natural light in a room.

Adopt risky combinations

Homes that use risky combinations are always more memorable and desirable. Homes that try new things become trend setters.

We always advise that our clients experiment with bolder designs, mixing up styles, colours and textures that will stand out in a more courageous and enticing way. We work with our clients to explore unusual colour combinations, unusual material and interesting features.

Remodel, reform & rehabilitate 

As people look at their home, one issue is sustainability. There is more of a move towards upcycling, taking materials and furniture that is already there and revamping it to create a new style from a more sustainable source. By purchasing bespoke home features, such as handmade staircases make from tractor parts or feature walls that use upcycled shelving solutions, you will make you home more unique and interesting. You will give it personality!

Working closely with our clients is at the heart of our success. We spend time learning their needs, contributing ideas and problem solving to work our way around unforeseen obstacles.

Our team is exceptionally skilled and can offer interior design and 3D visualisation services, allowing our clients to actually ‘step into their space’ and visualise it in lifelike colour, texture and materiality before physically investing in construction. This ‘window of opportunity’ ensures that our clients are 100% happy with their own choices.

We believe that 2021 will produce some exciting new design trends and we hope that we will be the architecture practice, that will be able to bring some of them to life in your home.

To discuss a project with our creative team, email us at hello@agoraarchitects.co.uk