As the UK locks down for a second time this year, people are facing the prospect of working from home once again. With the cost of renting office space, in a climate that is financially draining for some, it becomes worth considering the alternatives and a proper home office space is one of them; especially that it offers a number of both short and long term benefits.

Work/life balance

Work/life balance is important, but if you do not have a designated, quiet space to work, you may experience embarrassing interruptions by young children or pets. While it might be amusing for some to see your child chase after the dog in the background of a zoom call, it can look unprofessional on more important business calls. It also creates added anxiety during online meetings and it becomes a consistent mental distraction that in turn could affect productivity.

Working from your dining table may be fine for some smaller businesses, but it also has a very real effect on your home environment. With no clear division between your home and family life, it is unfair to insist that a family environment adopt the same levels of silence as a working office.

By creating a more defined workspace, you will be able to mentally prepare for work, conduct more professional zoom meetings and complete tasks more productively.

Improved value

For those that are fortunately enough to own their own homes (especially homes with enough space for expansion), adding on a separate working wing is a real opportunity, because it releases you from expensive office rental contracts and also adds exponentially to your home value.

As people adjust to the “new normal” it is likely that having a clearly defined work area will become more of a consideration when people look at buying a property, whether they run their own business or need a fall-back work space, if they have to do remote home working.

With larger properties, it is possible to create a workspace suitable for larger teams and the long term office rental savings, could ultimately help you maintain your existing workforce during this horrid pandemic.

But I don’t want clients coming to my home!

While online calls / video services have reduced the number of physical meetings, there are still times when meeting a client face to face is essential. Some businesses are adamant that they do not want clients visiting their home and this is completely understandable, however there are numerous meeting room facilities that rent out space per hour and by signing up to a virtual office and meeting room package, you would still be able to hold formal meetings in professional spaces.

By combining a home office with a virtual meeting room package, it is possible to reduce your costs considerably and you won’t have to worry about directing clients to your home!

How we can help

Having a dedicated home working environment does influence how you are able to focus on your work. We know that many people are starting to explore home extensions, which include plans for a more formal working space. If you would like to do a feasibility study to see if this would work for your business, contact us at

Remember, if your office needs changed, these working spaces could always be changed into an additional bedroom or annex at a later stage, so by extending or remodelling your space, you’d be reducing your overheads, while still adding value to your property.

Our team of architects, work closely with our clients, going over options and creating designs with their needs in mind. While the world around us is unpredictable at the moment, we can at least give you a working space that is literally designed with YOU in mind.